Almaty, Kazakhstan
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What is Almaty Investment Forum?

Almaty Investment Forum 2019 is not only a unique opportunity to meet with successful investors from all over the world, but also a platform for startups and innovative projects being implemented in Almaty. The main objective of this forum is to stimulate business development, attract foreign investors and create new jobs.

Great Speakers

Every year, the Forum gathers about 500 high-level participants, including prominent politicians, global and local business leaders, top managers of investment corporations, financial institutions and international organizations.


The Forum participants will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the investment and business climate of Almaty, learn about the experience of large domestic and foreign investors operating in the city, as well as delve into the investment opportunities for businesses.


The investment forum will raise many urgent problems, the main questions of which will be: the investment potential of Almaty and new opportunities for cooperation, the development of innovations and entrepreneurship, relevant in the light of the tasks set for the country to develop the digital economy and introduce new forms of business support.

About the city

Almaty - the heart of the Trans-Ili Alatau

Shielded from prying eyes with snow-capped peaks of the mountains, Almaty is in no hurry to reveal its secrets to strangers. To do this, you need to set foot on its land at least once, smile at a casual passerby, eat the first legendary "Aport" apple in your life. And then, run away from the metropolis and discover another Almaty. The one that looks at you with sparkling blue eyes of mountain lakes, lets the weary traveler lean on the shoulder of the age-old Tien Shan spruce, spreading a carpet of wild tulips under his feet.

Amazing nature

If you dare to go further, then very soon the mountains will give way to the great steppe. It's completely white in winter; it's wrapped in the wild poppies glow in April; in the summer, it's light brown like dark golden curls of a young Kipchak girl, and in the autumn it's majestic brown and gold. Sometime later, the steppe will become a desert, and the Charyn Canyon's orange cliffs or the sapphire necklace of Kolsai Lakes emerge from it like a sudden mirage. The name of this land is Semirechye.

The origin of the ancient city

The history of the area where modern Almaty is located is more than 3000 years old. Presumably, Saka tribes appeared here in the X century BC The first evidence of their stay is the burial mounds of the 6th-3rd centuries BC. Today, most of them are hidden under the residential areas of the city. Gradually, various tribes of nomads, farmers and traders began to settle in this area. With the development of the Great Silk Road, a large settlement emerged. Records of Genoese merchants of the 8th-10th centuries testify to active trade in this region.

Outpost "Verniy"

Tsar Russia expanded and strengthened its regions. The government gave an order to the bailiff of the Kazakhs of the Big Horde, Major MD Peremyshlsky, to find a convenient place to build a fortification across the Ili river. On February 4, 1854, the Russian government decided to build a military fortification on the bank of the Small Almatinka river. In the autumn of the same year, the outpost "Verniy" already stood there. After a few years, the number of immigrants reached 5,000. In 1867, the settlement around the fort grew to the status of a city. It was also called the "Verniy" outpost.

Legendary Alma-Ata

On February 5, 1921, a meeting of the regional and city councils of people's commissioners was held in the city theater, where it was decided to rename the Verniy to Almaty. And on April 3, 1927, the VI All-Kazakhstan Congress of Soviets approved the Resolution of the CEC and the Council of People's Commissars of the Kazakh ASSRO on the transfer of the capital from Kyzyl-Orda to Almaty. In 1993, the city came back to its historical name - Almaty. And although in 1997 the capital was moved to the city of Astana, Almaty remains a city of republican significance and the southern capital of the country.

Forum participants can also get full information about tours, hotels, restaurants, attractions on the following website - https://visitalmaty.kz/en


Bakhytzhan Sagintayev

Akim of the city

Mukhit Azirbayev

Deputy Akim, Almaty city

Erlan Kozhagapanov

Deputy Akim, Almaty city

Yermek Kosherbayev

Deputy Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Kairat Kelimbetov

Governor, Astana International Finance Centre

Askar Bilisbekov

Chairman, Almaty SEC JSC

Mehmet Şimşek

Advisor to Qatar Invest LLC & Dome Group Financial Advisors Ltd, former Vice Prime Minister of Turkey (2015-2018)

Nurlan Meirmanov

Board Member, Chief Director for Innovation, Kazakhtelecom JSC

Jonathan Woetzel

Senior Partner of McKinsey & Company, Director of McKinsey Global Institute

Mоhammed-Bin-Ahmed -Bin-Towar-Al-Kuwari

Vice President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Qatar

Heinz Hödl

Regional Director of the VAMED Group for the CIS and the Middle East

Gregory Vojack

Co-founder, Member of the Board of Directors, Boston Biopharma

Serdar Gucar

Vice-President Hill International

Daniel Gunaseelan

President, «Kazakhstan International School»

Wee Tan Yeong

Vice President CrimsonLogic

Lord Peter Lilley

Member of the House of Lords, former Trade and Industry Secretary, Social Security Secretary of UK

Fadi Farra

Co-Founder, Director and Partner of "Whiteshield Partners"

Mahavir Pratap Sharma

President of the "Tie Global Association"

Tatiana Veller

Independent International hospitality expert

Yulia Nikulicheva

Head of Strategic Consulting, JLL

Nazim Paltashev

Founder of Soul of Nomad, California

Jochen Berbner

Managing Partner "McKinsey" , Kazakhstan

Bayan Konirbayev

Head of the Digitalization Department of the Akim's Office of Almaty

Peter van der Gracht

Chairman and Co-Founder of «QuantoTech»

Kevin Chong

Deputy General Director for Kazakhstan and the Central Asia, Meinhard